Killerspin MyT5 Premium Review

Killerspin MyT5

  • Fifteen mm MDF top with RRC which provides sixteen layers of coating on the tabletop, therefore increasing ball bounce and quality of play.
  • One inch heavy gauge metal frame and one and a fifth-inch square metal legs.
  • Safety locking mechanism and durable, but also stable placement.
  • The halves of the table can be folded separately which makes storing it a breeze.
  • 1-year warranty.

Staying within your budget and at the same time getting the best ping pong table is no longer something that’s impossible to find. In fact, choosing the new MyT5 ping pong table offers you the best of both worlds since this is very solidly built table that can easily withstand aggressive play without poking your wallet. Because of that and many of the other features we’re going to expand upon below, the MyT5 is the perfect table for anyone who loves ping pong and has an aggressive playstyle.


Large Frame and Thick Playing Surface

The large frame on the MyT5, but also its solid caster wheels add a lot to its durability, while at the same time allowing you to move the table around with great ease. The thicker playing surface gives the ball a superior bounce, bringing the ping pong experience closer to the one you’re going to find in the top of the line tables.

Assembling it is relatively simple and in total, even if this is the first table you’re assembling, it’s going to take no more than fifteen minutes. Killerspin 301-15 Revolution SVR-Black Table Tennis Table is another table that you might want to check out.


The MyT5 comes with sixteen mm MDF table top which has been engineered with a special repeat roller coating which greatly improves the consistency and quality of play. Because of that, no matter if you’re a professional or a beginner in ping pong, you can easily develop your game much faster compared to using a lower grade table. Not only is the table made of heavy-duty white metal, yet it also comes with a safety mechanism that greatly reduces the chances of accidents.

Safety Lock Mechanism

Speaking of safety, the table has 2 halves which are basically independent of one another, so if you want, you can choose to move them separately. While it’s folded up or during play, the patented safety locking system of the MyT5 which makes sure that kids will never injure themselves by accidentally closing the table.

You can also fold each side of the table and convert it into the playback position which is ideal for anyone who wants to train on their own. Lastly, after you’ve finished using the table, you can just store it wherever you want without any hassle given its foldable design.


Killerspin MyT5

All in all, the Killerspin MyT5 is one of the best ping pong tables in its category allowing you to not only enjoy a professional ping pong experience, but it is also build with safety in mind so that if you have kids that meddle around with it, they won’t risk injuring themselves.

Added to that its incredible build quality, you really get a nice package for a price that will make you feel very happy with your purchase.y.