Joola 2000-S Review

Joola 2000-S

  • Adheres to the EN 14468-1 A European Standard and its ITTF approved.
  • Weights 224 pounds.
  • Heavy-duty wheels in series, steel leg undercarriage and fifty mm steel frame.
  • 22mm ultra fast playing surface.
  • Made in Germany.

I bet that you have never seen a ping pong table that features hidden wheels, but when you’re going to finally try the 2000-S from JOOLA, you’re going to realize just how much better the experience of playing ping pong can get.

The wheels are basically 2 centerline oversized wheels that can be found in the net edge, so initially, the 2000-S will make you believe that it’s a stationary ping pong table, but as you’ll soon realize, that is far from the truth. For beginners, you can check out this article on how to buy your first ping pong table.


Weight, Size, and Stability

The JOOLA 2000-S is quite a massive table, weighing a great 224 pounds. When expanded, the table will measure sixty-two inches in length, fifty-six inches in width and twelve inches in height, making it smaller than the approved official dimensions by the ITTF for tournament ping pong tables.

The JOOLA 2000-S also comes with adjustable feet, which means that if you plan on using it on an uneven surface, you can easily adjust the feet in order to get an even play surface.


The table top of a ping-pong table is extremely important since it directly impacts that playing experience and the good news is that the JOOLA 2000-S features a 22mm thick table top that is a bit thinner than the thickness competition tables feature, but since it’s only going to be used by recreational players, the difference should be extremely hard to notice.

The table top allows you to enjoy very fast games and that is because of its special processed polyester coating. Even more, you’re also going to get a professional quality WM net after purchasing the 2000-S.

Build Quality

The JOOLA 2000-S features a 50mm metal frame, a proven stable construction and a classic trestle table design, meaning that this table is made for the long haul. No matter how aggressive the players using it are going to be, you can easily get at least 10 years of play with it, which is more than most people will keep their ping pong table for.


Installing the JOOLA 2000-S is relatively simple and that is due to the perfect folding mounting. Each half of the table features two stable wheels, so moving it from one place to another is just a breeze.

On top of that, the table also corresponds with the EN 14468-1 A European standards. When you’re done playing, you can fold the table in seconds and then store it conveniently anywhere you want.


Joola 2000-S

Without a doubt, the 2000-S from JOOLA is an incredible ping-pong table that’s aimed at players who want to take their game to a whole new level and do so without poking their wallets.

Given its solid build quality, stability and 22mm ultra fast playing surface, you can have the peace of mind that each match you play on it is going to be nothing short of extraordinary.