Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau Soprt 500M

  • 7-millimeter laminated resin playing surface.
  • Detailed instructions manual.
  • Posts and net are included free of charge. Net is also resistant to the elements.
  • Integrated double safety system.
  • Standard position for 2 or 4 players.
  • Foldable design and solid legs that can be adjusted for a proper position.

People who are fans of ping pong are always going to look for a better, sleeker and more impressive ping pong table to play on, but most of the times the biggest problem is not finding a great table but choosing one that is also priced correctly. In this regard, the Cornilleau Sport 500M outdoor table tennis table seems to easily fit the bill, since it’s one of the most affordable and best ping pong tables of its kind. With a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty, an excellent safety and foldable design, there’s not much you could say you’d expect from a high quality ping pong table.



The Cornilleau Sport 500M is highly adjustable and thanks to its size, you can easily play with one of your friends, but you can also invite 2 more people and play 2vs2. However, sometimes you just want to practice on the table on your own and in this case, you’re going to be happy to hear the fact that the Cornilleau 500M allows you to easily convert it to a single player position.

Let’s not forget about the legs, too, which can be adjusted in order to make the table as level as possible regardless if you place it on cobblestone, sand, lawn or earth. If you are looking for an indoor table, check out Cornilleau Competition 540 Indoor Table Tennis Table review.

Great Quality Surface

Play at full speed and at full force thanks to the professional quality top the Cornilleau Sport 500M is fitted with, allowing your ball to get an amazing bounce you’re going to simply adore. The bounce is provided by the special resin that’s been used for making the table top which copes really well with the powerful and speedy play style experienced ping pong players have. On top, the surface is also treated in order to withstand the action of the elements and reduce glare.


While the Cornilleau Sport 500M is extremely sturdy, you’re going to be very surprised to know the fact that it’s also lightweight. This combination of high quality materials and the excellent playing experience it provides is better accentuated by the innovative arched shape of its legs that also directly impact the table’s stability.

Modern Design

All in all, the Cornilleau Sport 500M is a very sturdy, intelligently designed and also modern looking ping pong table that is sure to become the centerpiece of the room or place you want to use it in. Since it comes in 2 color options, you can furthermore adapt it to a wider range of spaces.


Butterfly Centerfold 25

Butterfly Centerfold 25 is a great buy especially for beginner ping pong player as it is easy to install and to use. Lastly, moving the table from one room to another is greatly simplified by the fact that it comes with five-inch rubber wheels.

This provides a very smooth roll and if you want, you can also lock the wheels in place to prevent the table from moving while storing or playing on it.