Butterfly TW24B Outdoor Playback Rollaway Review

Butterfly Playback Rollaway

  • Synthetic laminate top.
  • Post and net set included.
  • 3 years warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Can be folded into storage and playback positions without having to remove the post and net.
  • 2 safety levels can be found on each side of the table, effectively protecting kids from accidents.
  • One and a half inch steel railing trim, welded chassis and one inch round legs made of steel.

For heavily disputed and pleasant matches it seems that there are few other ping pong tables on the market that can rival the Butterfly TW24B outdoor ping pong table. This is a special ping pong table not only because you can use it both indoors and outdoors, but at the same time it allows you to enjoy some of the best ping pong matches both with your friends and on your own.

This is great if you’re trying to hone your ping pong skills and then make bets with your friends on who is going to win the highest number of matches. Here’s a great article in choosing your table tennis table.


Build quality

One of the best things about the Butterfly TW24B is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors, giving you a lot of flexibility and freedom of use that you could never get from an indoor-only ping pong table. This model was crafted using only the best synthetic materials, wood and steel available in order to last for a lifetime and that is why it’s generally a great choice for fans of this sport.

The steel rim and the thick wooden top are both supported by a heavy-duty chassis, while the crossed steel braces, but also one inch thick legs furthermore add to its stability and build quality. In fact, the table is so sturdy that it can easily withstand the “attack” of many players for very periods of time. Warranty wise, Butterfly offers a 3 years warranty for this model which should give you peace of mind that the company is willing to stand behind its product if it must. Check out Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway 25 review for comparison.

Safe for kids

If you have children, then you may have been asked a lot of questions about ping pong and your kids may have even wanted you to play with them. Butterfly is fully aware of this and that is why they designed the Butterfly TW24B with safety in mind.

Because of that, you’ll find there are 2 levels on the sides and the legs are positioned in such a way that they will never hamper the players from giving their best during the game. As a result, you and everyone else playing ping pong on the Butterfly TW24B can focus on the game and not on the way you move so you don’t stumble.


Last but not least, the wheels of the Butterfly TW24B are massive and very sturdy, allowing you to roll the table with ease from one place to another.

If you want, you can also block them in order to prevent the table from moving while playing. Assembling the table is also a breeze and no special knowledge or tools is required to do so. When you no longer need it, you can easily fold the table and store it conveniently.


Butterfly Playback Rollaway

As you can see Butterfly TW24B is a great choice if you want to buy high-quality ping pong table made of durable materials.

Perfect for small spaces as it is easy to fold up and maneuver.