Butterfly Centerfold 25 Review

Butterfly Centerfold 25

  • Available in blue color.
  • Made in Germany.
  • National league NET free of charge.
  • Three years warranty.

The Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway 25 is one of the top ping pong tables on the market today and its popularity rose after it was used as the official table for the US National Championships and the US Open between 2001 and 2011.

This is a superb tennis table that caters not only to the professional player but also to those who plan on honing their ping pong skills in order to, later on, compete in official tournaments. For beginners, you can visit our article on how to choose your first ping pong table.


Net Set

When it comes to the net set, it is an Europa net set that has been used for the ’97 World Championships. Installing it is pretty simple and you also get all the required tools and accessories to do this.

The Europa net set fits tables of up to one point five inches thick and it’s also ITTF and USATT approved.

Side Rails

For extra support and stability, the Centrefold 25 features two by three-quarters of an inch heavy gauge steel rails which are vital for reinforcing the structure of the table.

Not only does it make it more reliable overall, but also gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting a product that is not going to disappoint you.

Adjustable Feet

You know very well that not everyone will have an even playing surface and this can make it really difficult to enjoy a game of pool tennis and get the most out of it.

However, the Centrefold 25 comes with adjustable legs which means that you can use the adjustable screws at their base in order to make sure they fit the surface you want to have it installed in.

By adjusting the height, you can finally enjoy a worthy game of ping pong with your friends or even on your own.

Table Top

When it comes to the table top of the Centrefold 25 you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s a one-inch thick surface that is made of compressed particle board which has been specially treated in order to be scratch proof.

As a result, the bounce of the ball is going to be very consistent and in line with the expectations, you may have from a professional ping pong table. When it comes to the edge banding, it is made of PVC band which is perfect for protecting the one inch scratch-proof top. For comparison check out Butterfly TW24B Outdoor review.

Table Lock

Since the Centrefold 25 is a professional ping pong table, everything about it needs to be top notch. And at such a great level of play, you already know how important it is to be level.

Not only can you adjust the feet, but at the same time it also has a special lock that ensures the table surface is true and level. Keep in mind that if you want to fold the table for storage, you first of all need to release the lock.


Butterfly Centerfold 25

Butterfly Centerfold 25 is a great buy especially for beginner ping pong player as it is easy to install and to use. Lastly, moving the table from one room to another is greatly simplified by the fact that it comes with five-inch rubber wheels.

This provides a very smooth roll and if you want, you can also lock the wheels in place to prevent the table from moving while storing or playing on it.